Friday, July 29, 2011


I love history and me it is like the great story we all share. Here I will post some interesting articles on our past. I hope you enjoy and learn something about our shared past.

History in the Making: The Nation of Malawi Goes Progressive

Yes, Virginia, There WERE Gas Chambers

Ancient Culture and Technology: the near misses of ancient times

Passover and Jewish Origins

Thoughts on Language and Thinking

Khazars and Jews in the Middle Ages

In Search of Franconia: Wherein I Begin Looking at my German Roots

Columbus Day: Some Historical Perspective

Abraham Lincoln, Slavery and the Civil War

The Crimean War and the French-British Alliance

March 25th, 1911: A Turning Point in the American Labor Movement

Oct. 14, 1943: Jewish Rebellion at Sobibor Death Camp

The Yamato Dynasty (From the Meiji restoration to modern times)

Funny Flashback to the depths of the Bush years...

Evidence of the Holocaust

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